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Previous Project

November 2000
November 2002

"In year 2000, there were not so many Spas in Bali, soon, Zen Body Holiday became a popular place in Ubud''

Zen Body Holiday was Claude's first Spa creation in Bali in year 2000. This experience turned out to be a life changing adventure and a good reason to enjoy long time on the best island in the world!

Soon, Zen Body Holiday became a popular place in Ubud, we had developed a Spa concept that was appealing to most human beings! The month prior to the 2002 disaster in Bali, the Spa had welcomed an average of 42 people per day.

• Concept Vision and Creation, interior design
• Full management, marketing and operational aspect of the day spa activities

Original Contract - 2 years
November 2002 - End of agreement

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