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PT. Zen Jiwa Raga customizes Spa and resort projects to the client's needs. Each project is thoroughly and innovatively evaluated in terms of its immediate and long-term needs and budgetary requirements. Prominently we focus on personal and professional service with the business owner, creating the ideal environment and individual feeling for the resort and spa goers, and continued support to reach the set profitable objectives.

Our responsibilities are the conception and realization of a winning business formula. Our marketing concept focuses on all aspects of managing and operating a successful day Spa or Spa Resort business.

Feasibility Research and Market Studies to determine the retail opportunity.
  • Evaluation of the existing elements available
  • Determination of best use for the place
  • Recognition of trends and opportunities
  • Identification of the potential revenue sources
  • Pricing strategy
  • Sales, expenses and profit forecast
  • Payroll expenses and staffing forecasts
  • Cost study to initiate and operate the project
  • Financial projection and budgets
  • Goals and objectives setting

Concept development
Every project requires its own personality and a competitive edge. Concept development must be market-driven. Whether the catered clients wishes to purchase on an ala carte basis, half and full day packages or multi-day packages, it is most important to offer something that provides an experience for each guest:
  • Establishing the concept and mission statement
  • Describing the resort and spa experience
  • Conception of the plan of action and business plan
  • Space planning
  • Interior Design
  • Purchasing the necessary equipment and material to operate a Spa and resort
  • Establish Spa and Resort treatments and health food menus
  • Design marketable packages
  • Create extra sales and revenues with additional retail opportunities, i.e. Spa products, cosmetics, gifts and accessories, etc.
  • Work with the manufacturing company to develop a signature collection

Human Resources
The hospitality and Spa personal are the people that are representing the owner/operator with the clients, it is vitally important that the top level management and the staff be effectively recruited. One in the hand of our therapists, the clients receiving Spa treatment must feel totally at ease, and be completely satisfied with the human contacts:
  • Developing job descriptions and staff responsibilities
  • Determining payroll, salary and incentive program
  • Recruits, interviews and recommends top level management
  • Creation of specific training programs
  • Recruits and training of the resort and Spa team
  • Integrating each department
  • Follow up and evaluations of human resources team

Advertising and Promotion
Once the concept, philosophy and vision of the project is clear and agreed upon and the target market well identified, the promotion and advertising strategy must be compatible with the clients need, interests and expectation. The objective of an advertising and promotional campaign is to reach the potential market, attract their attention, develop their interest for the services and the place and most important agreed to live the experience offered:
  • Develop strategies to attract the desired market
  • Conduct market research on consumer profiles, demographics, trends and directions
  • Creating an attractive image for the Spa and Resort
  • Designing innovative promotional campaigns and material such as business cards, brochure, web site, press kit, etc..
  • - Monitoring the promotional efficiency

Management and Operation
Operating and managing a profitable hospitality project such as a Spa Resort can only be successful with the understanding and participation of all team members and the owner/operator. A well designed an implemented system will not only enhance the guest experience but also the marketing and financial potential of the operation. Therefore teamwork is the keyword for a successful venture. PT. Zen Jiwa Raga will assist in the operation of the project by developing and implementing the following components:
  • Creating operational procedure manuals for both the Spa and the Resort
  • Executing and monitoring the business plan and marketing strategy
  • Setting up accurate and transparent accounting system
  • Producing and analyzing monthly and yearly reports
  • Regular management and staff evaluation
  • Professional and personal representation of the establishment
  • Coordination with the suppliers, associates, contractors, etc.
  • Creation of guest satisfaction surveys
  • Guiding and monitoring all aspects of the project development
  • Operational reviews and regular meeting with owner/s

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