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Escape the World

Our guest's words of recognition… Thank you!


Some guests have agreed to become our ambassadors, you may contact them for further information. In that case, just let us know whom you wish to contact and we will provide you with their email address.


Very nice retreat program, practicing yoga in the rice field is some experience,
especially for a city person. It makes me rethink that yoga is more than just posture, in fact it’s more about the nature and the universe. Field trips were nice too, it reminds me of the scenery of early Taiwan, pure and true.


Ma Meng-Hsiuh

Merci à tous ceux qui organisent et participent a ce programme tellement impressionnant!

Nous passons une merveilleuse vacance qui nous donne une expérience inoubliable.
J'espère revenir à nouveau.

Edith Kait


Thanks so much for giving us with the opportunity to face many challenges, physical,
emotional and spiritual, for the beautiful places to experience all these and for your
Gracious and generous advice and support.
Above all for your wonderful smile and open heart.
I have a lot to remember and take into the future.

Christine Colta

Thank you for a wonderful journey!!
I have had a fantastic time, so much laughter and a few tears.
But, Iyan said “this is good” I will not argue with him!

Georgia Edwards
Oxford, England

In a great need of getting away from the stress of the city, I booked myself a yoga retreat with Zen Bali. Wow what an amazing experience! A week long of pure bliss being pampered at a great spa, enjoying daily yoga practice, second with each day doing a fun activity getting to know the Balinese way of living. Everything was just superb! Will definitely return.

Merci the Zen Team.

Brook Nisbett

What a wonderful experience again.
We enjoyed the gentle guidance of Iyan and company of the diverse group.
Thank you for our surprise meditation in the monkey forest!
It has been a truly spiritual and pampering experience, stimulating all the senses.

Thank you Iyan and Claude

Irene and Jon Mason

Dear Claude and Iyan,

It has been a very enjoyable week. I greatly appreciated all the care and attention to detail that went into ensuring we had an experience that was both meaningful and fun.
I wish you well for the future and hope to see you on another retreat soon.

Robert Jones
London, UK

Dear Iyan and Claude,

This trip has been beyond expectations.
We really enjoyed all the excursions and dining in different parts of Ubud.
We were not expecting that bonus.
It was a perfect way to explore Bali when one has not been here before.
The yoga was perfect! Not too hard, not too soft.
We very much enjoyed the couples positions that we can bring back to Guam.
My goal was achieved…my muscles were able to open up more and I was able
to get out of the plateau that I was in with power yoga.
I will be recommending this retreat to my yoga friends of Guam.

Thank you and Namaste.

Allen and Brook
Guam / USA

Claude and Iyan,

Thank you for such a wonderful week in Bali!

My friends and family have asked if it was what I had expected, and I quickly let them know that it was so much more than I'd expected!
It was just such a wonderful week...and we were so lucky to have such a relaxed and fun group of people. I honestly couldn't have asked for anything better :). Everything was so well planned out and organized - and so easily adjusted when things didn't go as planned.

Additionally, It was such a very pleasant surprise to find out that we'd be going to different, wonderful restaurants all week! The daily yoga was so great - and I had such an amazing time riding down from the mountains on a bike, through the villages.
I also really enjoyed the walk through the villages & rice fields, as well. It was so nice to have a guided tour through areas outside of Ubud's "Downtown". Anyway, I must say well done and thank you again for a memorable experience!

By the way, every time I am at yoga now, doing the quiet meditative moments, I hear Iyan's voice saying, "...thinking nothiiiiingggg...." :)

An email message from
Brooke Nisbett

Dear Iyan and Claude,

You spoiled me!!! Here two times.
It was a very great vacation. I even discovered Bali that I’ve never has seen before.
I came here with nothing to expect, just went to get away from a city life.. and voila!!
I’m stranded in the rice field!!
Thanks was really meaningful as well as enjoyable..
Don’t be surprised if I come back to see you again!!

Cheers and Best of Luck


Dear Iyan, Claude and all staff involved,

Thank you for a wonderful six days ”Escape the World” is so appropriate and fitted exactly what I was looking for. I feel refreshed, re-energized and motivated.A special thank-you to the lovely girls at Bali Botanica Spa. You are all wonderful at what you do.

Thanks again
Regards and Peace

Melanie Allsop

To Iyan, Claude and all of the wonderful people who looked after us here in Ubud,
It’s been a wonderful retreat, just sensational, every bit of it.
Thank you all so very much. I’d love to come again and make it an annual event.
Thanks so much. It all ran so smoothly.

Until we meet again.

Perth, West Australia

Terima Kasih Banyak.

I enjoy everything in retreat, and found a new world of yoga.
Khususnya say mau terima kasih banyak kepada Iyan untuk
Memberikan saya good inspiration, semangat bagus.

Sampai jumpa lagi, Iyan dan Claude

Kayo Sonobe

Thanks for a really wonderful break, everything I hoped for and more.
Everyone so happy and caring, wish you all well in your business adventures.

God Bless,

Lesley xo

Bonjour Claude and Ian,

A world of thanks for the great time I had in first time but definitely not my last. I not only truly enjoyed the yoga retreat in Ubud but also the amazing itinerary that you helped me designed. I had such a great time.

I also would like to extend my thanks to your great driver, Dewa who was just fantastic. Please do give him my kind regards when you next see him.

I am now back in chilly London with an over flooding inbox (received over 560 emails in 3 weeks... a record for me!) but with my head full of great and fond memories I am still very much on Balinese mode!

The world being small I am sure our path will cross again... in the meantime keep bringing a smile to people who join your retreats.

With kindest regards,

Martine Bounet

Dear Claude and Iyan,

I hope you've had a good rest after the busy yoga retreat time and a great start in 2007...
Here is my feedback about the retreat (sorry about the delay!)

I have many positive things to report about, just to highlight a few:

- Iyan's vibrant smile and some memorable laughter we had in some yoga sessions (partner yoga!)
- The way, you Claude, made us feel comfortable from day 1 with your easy-going way and warmth
  and humor (c'est bien vrai)
- The absolute professionalism at every step of the program (the personalized booklet made a
  good impression and just everything was organized smoothly and your flexibility was very much
- I was very interested by your knowledge of Balinese culture and the passionate way you talked
  about it.
- I loved the Ananda Cottages for it hasn't lost the Balinese touch and feeling, and the people working
  there were genuinely nice. Same with Bali Botanica Spa.
- The food was varied and it was great to be able to just order a "fruit-plate and lassie" instead of full
  meal when hunger was little (for little French stomachs!).
- Thank you for helping me organizing my 'before and after' retreat time.
- The group was fantastically inspiring and fun.

I think I have actually become an "ambassador" of Zen Bali retreats.
Wish you all the best and... don't be surprised if you see me again!!
Of course, if you come to Shanghai, don't forget to contact me.


A truly life changing experience. We couldn’t have chosen a better retreat. Thank you to our wonderful hosts, Iyan and Claude and to all of your staff. I promise to send you a copy of the book, there’s sure to be a chapter on tantric yoga.

Andrea Gilbey

Dear Iyan and Claude,
Thank you so much for your welcoming spirit and open hearts. This week has been very special, with new friends, new postures and a renewed energy.

Much love and peace,

Judi Reid

Dear Iyan,
Thank you!!!!! I feel so centered today and so grateful to you for your gentle way of challenging me to do better and more than I believed I was capable of.
Thank you for your words of wisdom and thank you very much to Claude for your advise to me. I no longer feel the ache in my heart.
Stay well and happy until I come back for the third time.

Julie Samerski

This was truly a luxury. Thank you for this retreat. I really feel like I took so much from this experience. Glad to meet such nice people – Claude, Iyan and all “the ladies”. I will definitely try to keep some of what I learned within my heart. Thanks for the fun and the respite.

Jill Christensen

Dear Iyan & Claude,

A truly AMAZING experience.......THANK YOU!

The entire experience was way over what I was expecting.
There is so much of what I've experienced during the retreat that I would like to share but that would definitely take up too many pages, and some of which is almost impossible to express in words. Therefore, I would like to borrow a quote to express myself ......"Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the number of moments that take our breath away. "-- Anonymous
I had countless of moments that took my breath away ....some of which was definitely from the fun yoga session!! I took home with me beautiful memories, Iyan's contagious and enchantingly happy laughter, the warmth and kindness of my new friends and most importantly too, I left behind........... a very heavy heart.

Thank you Iyan, Claude, my new friends, Zen Bali Team.....and thank you Ubud for putting me back in touch with nature again!

PS. Yesterday , back at my yoga session, what I truly truly missed was Iyan's constant reminder of "empty your stomach" (I can hear your laughter now, Iyan), "you can do it" and "trust me" !!!


Thank you for such a lovely ''Escape the World'' time and for opening my eyes to the world of yoga.
I feel relaxed and refreshed because of it. Thank you

Lorraine Shaw

Iyan and Claude,

I had an amazing time and will be talking to everyone about "Escaping the World". The accommodations were outstanding and every one of the staff was incredibly gracious.
I know I will take what I learned with Iyan back home to Minneapolis.
Perhaps, I will see you both again someday soon.

Thank you for a wonderful adventure.

Shellae Mueller

Thank you Iyan and Claude,  lovely relaxing 5 days. Yoga great!!! Lots of thought into the journey.

Marianne Rigdeway

Iyan and Claude,

What is there to do a fantastic job!!
I have never been anywhere comparing to your retreats. It is all the little touches that put a grade above the rest. You both clearly enjoy what you do that your pleasure infects even the grumpiest customer.
I will return again, because I have had such special and dear experiences both times.

Thank you

Jessica Dickau

Iyan and Claude,

Thank you for the fabulous week. The yoga, treatments and Gaia Oasis were exceptional.

Sarah Bradshaw

Everything I could possibly have needed. Amazing!
See you again soon.

Rita Meers

Wonderful retreat from the moment I arrived until I left. I enjoyed every second of it.

Terima Kasih banyak!!!

Danielle Généreux

A Slice of Heaven

Susan Guillet

Thank you to Claude and Iyan.
Our perfect hosts..... Wonderfull


Claude and Iyan,
Thank you for this amazing beautiful retreat. It has been filled with purification, yoga, good food, ceremony, culture and good company.
A wonderful combinations of all that to be celebrated in Bali and in life.


Sofie Mikosza

I have been bathed in love and beauty that has nourished my body, mind and soul. Blessed in Bali. Thank you so much!!

Kathryn Mikosza

This retreat was absolutely phenomenal!! More than I expected!! Claude and Iyan were so gracious and delightful. The yoga was wonderful; the food was exquisite, the treatments so relaxing... I can't say enough!! Thank you
PS : It was the perfect way to spend my 40th birthday, so special..

Anne Holmes

It was nothing I expected.. And it was awesome!! I have never been so relaxed and so refreshed, clear and open. You guys were so welcoming and accommodating. Everyone here was so friendly.

Steve Holmes

Thank you to you, Iyan and Claude. You both are excellent people!!!

With Love
Sharon Ying

This is a very well organized and exciting retreat. I really enjoyed my self very very much.

Corman Tan

Dear Claude and Iyan

A very special thank you to you and your team, for a simply wonderful week. I arrived exhausted, and in need of a rest. I left refreshed and exhilarated.

The retreat surpassed all my expectations. You are both such gracious hosts, and the varied program and organization could not faulted. You managed to combine great yoga (somewhat challenging at times for me!) and meditation, with superb spa treatments (ahhhh, the Ayurveda Chakra massage, I was in heaven), delicious meals, good company, lots of laughter, gentle cultural experiences and interesting activities (yoga at dawn facing Gunung Batur, followed by an energetic 22km bike ride back to Ubud, and visits to villages on the way…..a special day).

And, my friends, I shall most definitely return!
Terima kasih banyak dan sampai jumpa lagi

Ros Peterson

Dear Claude and Iyan,

Thank you for a wonderful Yoga vacation. Everyday has been such a beautiful experience. I have extended myself in my yoga practice with a kind and gifted teacher; have been pampered like a princess, I have laughed, and have eaten like a queen. I can honestly say this is one of the best holiday experiences I have ever had. I truly wish you every success in the future.

With thanks,

Dear Claude and Iyan,

Thank you so much for such a wonderful week. This was an incredibly unique and special way to practice yoga, see Bali and have fun with new and interesting people from around the world. Iyan’s yoga instruction was inspirational and challenging, made even better by the stunning sight of the vegetation and views offered by the yoga room. Your hospitality and personal touch made this a special vacation. Bali and Ubud felt like my home for the week. Thanks for everything and I hope to be in Bali again soon.

All my best

Without doubt, I can safely say that this retreat/holiday ticks all the boxes. The retreat offers striking accommodation, which promotes a relaxing and calming effect. Iyan and Claude cater expertly to all needs, providing a well thought out and organized program, balancing yoga with stimulating tourism. I extended my stay at the retreat and will be happy to return to the both Zen Retreat and Bali, skeptics or the neutral minded alike, will find their nirvana.


I came to the retreat because I desperately needed a break. I didn't have any expectations when I arrived, but all my expectations have been exceeded. I am so pleased that Claude decided to hold a retreat!! Thank you to Iyan for being a kind of considerate teacher. Most of all thank you for helping me to relax and focus on the positive in life, I will return soon.


To dear Claude and Iyan,

Two of most beautiful people in Ubud, and neither of you are Balinese!! feel so honored and blessed to have participated in the magical week in my favorite part of the world. I do hope that you become part of my Ubud experiences in the future.

PS: Thanks for being so accommodating to individuals needs.
Terima kasih banyak – Suksma


Iyan et Claude

Voila une parenthèse de pur bonheur dans la vie !
Une extrêmement rare combinaison de générosité et de professionnalisme qui remplissent chaque jour de douceur, de calme, de découverte et de rires francs.
Iyan est un professeur parfait pour commencer le yoga. Il inspire confiance et donne simplement envi de continuer à pratiquer et découvrir le yoga.
Quant a Claude, c’est sa connaissance de Bali et son envi de partager le meilleur avec beaucoup de respect qui le diffères.
Il ressemble ã un chef quatre étoiles qui aurait découvert la recette d’un des meilleurs plats du monde !
J’ai adoré chaque minute de ce séjour. J’ai découvert l’authenticité de Bali sous un angle inconnu et j’ai découvert le plaisir du yoga sous la voie et les mains rassurantes de Iyan.

C’est une semaine magnifique et superbe que je recommanderai aux gens que j’aime !


In ten years of “Retreats”, this is one of the best ever experienced for quality of people, teacher, food, overall program and organization.

Monica and Allesandro

My experience was so “Good”, I really escaped from anything. I enjoyed the “Present moment” at all time and the yoga classes, food, nature, staff, people and every little thing was a “Gift” from the Gods. My magic word is “ OBRIGADA” that means “ TERIMA KASIH” .

A lot of love and blessing for this beautiful retreat.

Miriam Silva

A wonderful way to look inside oneself, while at the same time experiencing different cultures, sights and sounds.


Liz, Australia

What a wonderful “Treat”. A gift everyone should experience. A perfect balance of yoga, meditation, treatment, and Bali culture. Very special. Food was amazing. Far beyond my dreams.
Thank you


A beautiful week of happiness and healing. Helping me back to my truer sense of self.


If you truly want to Escape the World and be with yourself, then this is the perfect place!
The yoga classes are excellent and have set in place a lifestyle change for me. The beauty and peace of the retreat further enhance the idyllic pleasure of the holiday. The activities are well organized and often “off the beaten track”. So you find yourself doing lovely things and experiencing the real Bali in beautiful ways that you couldn’t do by yourself.
Lovely food and staff and company, a restful and rewarding retreat.
Thank you Claude and Iyan.


This retreat is the best gift that I have ever given to myself!! I loved this peaceful place, full of good vibration and fine energy. This was my first yoga retreat, and it seems like I was in paradise on earth. Meditating while hearing the river, the birds and being surrounded by nature’s peace is something very special.

I met a lot of interesting people….. and I feel like something has changed inside of me!!
I loved the treatments, specially the Ayurvedic massage; the meals were of very high quality.
I truly enjoyed the day of silence as it helped me discover a part of me that I didn’t know before.
The yoga lessons were complete and well done.
Special thanks to Claude, I love his sense of humor and his smile!!
Thanks to Iyan for teaching yoga, I always will remember his words, and the suggestion he give to me. Sorry for my English.


What do you get when you put a great bunch of people together from all over the world with two wonderful hosts Claude and Iyan, smiling, willing staffs and set them down in magnificent surroundings? You get the best week you can imagine.
Thank you Iyan and Claude. I am now going deeper.

Denise Davies

I felt immediately welcome, at home and cared for. It was great to see a friendly face at the airport and to be transported by a trustworthy driver. The surroundings of the hotel plunge you straight into nature, which is wonderful for quiet contemplation day and night.

The yoga classes stretched and challenged me and I came away with a practical understanding of meditation which I hope to continue practicing.

Claude and Iyan were wonderfully open and caring hosts and the staff at the hotel polite and helpful. Everything was run so smoothly which meant I could just relax, knowing all plans and arrangements were taken care of. The spa treatments were very relaxing and an excellent way to soften muscles even more after yoga. The day of silence was a fantastic opportunity to spend time with myself, reflect on my past and think about my future goals and lifestyle.

I left the retreat with a deep inner peace and strength, a lot of sadness from saying so many goodbyes to new friends and a hope that I will be able to return soon and repeat the Escape the World experience! Thank you for a wonderful, unforgettable stay.

Anne Louise

It’s difficult to describe what a magical experience this was for me. The beautiful Balinese people and culture combined with the spa, activities and yoga made this a perfect retreat.

I feel in love with Bali – the people, the culture, everything. The yoga retreat was more amazing than I ever imagined. Iyan, Claude and the center itself provided such a nurturing environment that I truly felt I had “ Escape the World”. Their luminosity was contagious and I can’t thank theme enough for this magical experience. I will forever remember the sights, sounds and smells of Bali. Doves, roosters, the cow behind my room, the smell of earth and the fragrance of the flower, the rice fields and the beautiful souls of the Balinese people. I hope you have a similar awe, inspiring experience. I also made many special new friends from around the world. Thanks and gratitude to Iyan and Claude for being such wonderful hosts!

Om Shanti,
Christy USA

For me, it was truly perfect and beyond my expectations. If you are at a crossroads of your life and you need the time and space to help you make a decision on the right direction, this retreat not only gives you this, it gives you incredible beauty and safety to help you.

My work in TV means taking care of and thinking for a lot of people, ensuring production deadlines, endless meetings and taking problem solving and reactive solutions. These 5 previous days absolved me from any responsibilities other than to myself. For once I was taken care of people were thoughtful about my needs, talk was gentle and concerning, this peaceful world filled all my senses and returned me to an earlier innocent life. There was much joy and laughter here and an appreciation of self and our relationship to one another. I know many of us from opposite ends of the globe will continue to stay in touch after this retreat. It was simply the best gift I could give myself.

Kim Steblina

In my years of traveling, never have I come across such a wonderful place as this. The staff, Claude and Iyan and the yoga students too have made this yoga vacation so very special. To be looked after so well, to be treated so beautifully and to form such special relationship is truly a unique experience and one I shall never forget.
Thank you for everything, and for making the first week of my holiday so perfect.

Suzi Israel

Iyan is the best yoga instructor I have ever had. This is my third time coming to this retreat and I can’t wait to come back again. The spa treatments are simply divine and Claude and his team of staff are so lovely. You will feel like you are among friends.

Kate Hind

I came here to give myself the space to plan for my next decade. In doing so I received exactly what I needed and lot more. The yoga, meditation and environment were perfect for my needs and delivered everything I’d hoped for. But, what I hadn’t expected, from what I thought would be a solitary journey, was the nurturing I received from Claude, Iyan and their staff.
I didn’t have to think about a thing in relation food, activities or social activity. The activities outside of the fabulous yoga sessions were varied, physical, gave a taste of the real Bali. I especially loved the bike ride.
What I wasn’t prepared for was the added bonus of spending my time with like minded people of such caliber and variety.
Strong bounds were made between us over our 5 day retreat, bonds that stretched across age, ethnicity, interests and cultural values and religions. Fabulous!!


“Escape the World” is exactly what you will experience. It is a fairytale!! Claude and Iyan are fantastic and make you really feel you are welcome. I have never experienced such a high level of service before although I have been to many resorts.
Thank you for the great time!!

Petra Beil, Holland

The day of silence was wonderful, a truly peaceful and unique experience. I would have been happy to love more days like this. With the morning dedicated to meditation and yoga followed by an Ayurvedic massage, what more could one want? It was perfect and left the afternoon to contemplate and relax.
Zen Center at Kumara is a fantastic location, so great and peaceful, with the lovely outlook out the rice paddies at the top and lush vegetation below, with the sounds of birds and insects.

The rooms are completely private, but not so isolated that you feel cut off and alone.
The ceremony on the first night was a magical experience, very Balinese and unique.


Penny, Australia/Indonesia

The Yoga Retreat was a very special experience as a dream came through and I enjoyed the great energy of Bali and Iyan's and Claude's place and the mentioned people, their team and our group. Learned to go deeper and let go of old things which are no longer relevant. Understand the relationship of the nature laws better and to allow others and myself to enrich our potential and live it every day.
Thank you and be blessed. Namaste,



The ‘Escape the World’ retreat is definitely a place that replenishes your soul, mind, heart and body. I was looking for time to my self, to rediscover who I am and I found myself again here.

The yoga was acknowledged as a beginner but pushing through and discovering what I was capable of moved me in powerful way. The meditation and massages stilled my mind and the day of silence gave me a chance to reconnect with my self again away from noise and distractions.

The small things make this retreat so special, the smiles and friendliness of the staff and the incorporation of Balinese traditions make me now see that Bali is a wonderful and unforgettable place.

Thank you to Iyan for your patience during yoga and your laughter. Thank you to Claude for making me feels welcome right from the very first phone call.
I’ll be back again for sure.

Maxine Fawcett.

I am so glad that I come to Bali to join this retreat AGAIN.
I was terribly busy and extremely exhausted before I got here. The warm greetings, genius hospitality, supportive yoga teacher, fresh meals, exclusive outdoor activities, delightful SPA treatments, and sharing from various countries make me alive again in just a few days.
Strongly recommended!!!!!!

PS: To Claude, thanks for what you’ve done that makes me feel easy and enjoyable

Delora Yen
Taipein Taiwan
Oct 27, 2007

Sometimes you are not really sure what to expect when booking something online!

The website gives flattering pictures; the information boasts numerous offers and testimonials. Indeed Zen Bali’s website looked impressive, well detailed, great value for money, so my expectations were high. The retreat, in fact exceeded my expectations, as there were so many delightful experiences that couldn’t be put into simply words or photos. Iyan and Claude are not your typical business manager or owners in that, they are completely down to earth, personable, thoughtful and fun yet highly professional in their work. They are full of life, love, laughter (not to mention connoisseurs of fine food) and have created a retreat centre that reflects their “way of living”. For Iyan and Claude, the point is not to ‘sell’ this idea but rather ‘share’ these ideals. The long conversations over meals, exchanging stories, learning about each others’ cultures, also made me realize that Iyan and Claude truly love people. This, along with Balinese ‘touch’ to everything is what makes Zen Bali stand out among its retreat competitors. Iyan and Claude’s dream has given something fantastic to me.

Thank You
Tammy Hayano
Japan / USA

As someone who has not done yoga in a long time, I was worried that the level of practice would be too difficult for me or too ‘’new age’’ but I felt very comfortable – challenged – yet always supported and encouraged by Iyan. The setting is beautiful and really does allow you to ‘’Escape’’ for a few days, yet also feel a part of a very warm and welcoming community.

It is difficult to leave everything behind and just focus on the moment, but the luxury of the meals and treatments certainly helped to let the world sap away and to get rid of the aches and pains brought on by working my body as well as my brain.

I loved everything about the retreat, It was as if Claude and Iyan could anticipate my very need – they always seemed to have the right solution for anything from hunger to fatigue to all things Bali related.

One of my favorite things about the week was getting to know the other participants and having long laughter filled chats around the dining table. This is a beautiful place, run by beautiful people and their love of life and for each other provides the foundation for a truly wonderful experience.

Terima Kasih, Thank You… and Merci!


Instead of ‘’Escape the World’’ you could also say ‘’Enter Paradise”
Thanks a lot, I never will forget this stay!


This was absolutely a wonderful experience!
Claude and Iyan are excellent hosts and everything was flawless. The rituals were exceptionally special and added a very nice touch to the entire experience. I truly enjoyed ever aspect of the retreat and will recommend this to all my friends.
Great job guys – Good luck and hope to see you again!

Thyphena Chia

Living and experiencing Bali from the lens of The Zen retreat made me appreciate the Balinese culture in holistic way: From the food, the thousands of rituals, the amazing hospitality and kindness of their people, and the possibility of going into myself to find peace of mind, warmth in my hearth of inspiration for my spirit!!

Its unique experience that nuns every cell of my body and fill me with the energy of strength to go back to my life, and as Iyan said” spread the drop of undonouscional love with our beloved ones”.

The Yoga of Iyan is a gift to be acknowledged his smile of kindness, and yogic frame of mind makes magic touch uplift gives my Kundalini Yoga to a different level!!

Thank you Claude and Iyan for bringing your vision into the world.


Atala Mayer, Mexico

The activities were a great way to get to know our fellow travellers; the cycling was so much fun. The Yoga was just what I needed, not too gentle, not too hard but gentle persuasive all the way from Iyan. The Spa was a wonderful relaxing experience, the food spectacular wholesome and well presented.

I enjoyed speciousness of my room and I love the terrace, the staffs were kind, polite and un-intrusive.

I loved the whole ambience of the cottages with the simple touches of candlelight of flowers. The view across the river will be sadly missed.


Mrs Glenda Gandini

If you want to relay while practicing yoga in a beautiful setting this retreat is the one for you.
Invigorating and restorative yoga combined with Ayur Veda treatment, the mystical sunrise at Mount Batur and walk in the paddy fields made for a soothing and interesting retreat.
The food was great and the people are beautiful, I would recommend to all.

Mrs. Maxine Bourke

“A rewarding, rejuvenating and refreshing experience. Martine’s good humour combined with a sharp attention to the detail of both the physical and spiritual dimensions of yoga practice made the classes enjoyable and beneficial. The staff at Kumara Sakti were outstanding and Claude, Iyan and the rest of the Zenbali team really went the extra mile at all times to ensure the comfort of guests and the quality of our experience. Thank you one and all.”


“A glorious ‘hands-free’ escape from the hectic pace of modern western life – more than I could have hoped for.
Just having fun being myself – great yoga, relaxation, meditation, communal activities, people, great food, charming culture, polite and friendly service.
A blessing to have been a part of it all.

Thank you and Namaste.”

Judy Mills

“This retreat is a chance to replenish the mind, body and spirit. The challenges that can arise from an intensive yoga practice are balanced with an abundance of nurturing delicious food and sublime body treatments, which nourish all levels of your being. As the mind becomes free of the responsibilities of everyday life, the senses are stimulated and heightened. The lush green landscape and the sounds of nature provide an ideal backdrop to stretch the body, free the mind and heal the spirit.

Claude and Iyan have created a sanctuary to attract people from all corners of the world to come together and journey through these 6 days. With a touch of magic and lots of laughter this retreat is an opportunity to re-evaluate your life and make the transition into the next phase with a renewed outlook.”

Katie Burke

“My utter delight at the room I was lead to was only the beginning of wonderful experiences to encounter. The yoga setting was breath taking and Iyan’s experience in his style shone as he worked our body, stretching at limitations and understanding our boundaries. Back in the physical body the spa treatments nurtured our soul under the expertise of the therapists. The culinary delights bring our taste buds alive and our digestion and health to another level. I now know where heaven is and am able to return when I desire.”

Michelle Little

“A deeply nurturing processes with a surprise in how strong my body and mind have become in just 5 days.
Thank you for your love, respect and care towards us all.”

Cape Town, South Africa

I cannot believe I was given the opportunity to come back again so soon – Iyan and Claude you are such beautiful people – you have created an experience here that is absolutely awesome – I was so happy to see you both. There is nothing in the world that could make this experience any better – every sense is bathed in beauty and depth I will be eternally grateful that I am able to come here.

Iyan you helped heal my heart the last time I was here – thank you. My retreat this time was indulging and being kind to myself. I cannot express how happy I feel deep within me – but I have had this since I was last here and I know it will be with me forever. Thank you – Namaste”


I have been so profoundly impressed with every aspect of this retreat. You have crafted so much more than a relaxing, pampered holiday…
You have created an inspiring community and facilitated warm connections to make for a rare & wonderful experience. Your kindness, generosity attention to details, excellent service, and charisma set you a part from the rest…..
I am so honored to have shared in your space and been included in your paradise.
Your partnership is a beautiful thing!

Valeri, USA

Thank you from my heart for a retreat that far surpassed from my expectations. I love the intimacy, the surrounding, food, yoga, the whole experience.
A truly spiritual experience. “Escape the world” and you may not to come back.

Gerard Andrews – Adelaide,
South Australia

This escape the world retreat was a great experience for me. It has taught me how to really connect with meditation. The rituals were a very spiritual and beautiful experience that I would highly recommend as a must do. Overall this was a most wonderful and enlightening experience.

Terima kasih to Claude, Iyan and Martine –
Namaste and Sampai jumpa!

Faenza, Australia

I know that 5 is the highest rating, however all the staff was very accommodating. The rating I gave is necessary to me for the standard as a whole was well worth it. I will return one day but hopefully more flexible.
Best regards to An & very best for the new year.

Tim, Australia

Yoga + Spa + Good food with the rice field view is the best ever!

Emilia Wijaya,
Jakarta, Indonesia

The practice of yoga is to teach one flexibility but” Escape the world” does more than that. I come a way, feeling as though life was more flexible then when I have arrived. That one you surrender to it to the world & all around it is exactly what you want it to be. Exactly what you create to be. Like yoga pose, life can more & shift in any direction. That’s flexibility.
Thank you!!

Stephanie Jagger,

It was a maturing and relaxing retreat where I was able to go very deep into myself. Ian the instructor us the best teacher, I ever had. I will start doing more yoga and meditation as a result of this experience. It was a gift I gave to myself and it worth every penny.


It was really amazing, I got great inspiration.
Thank you very much.


"I really enjoyed the "Escape of the World" retreat. The yoga was fantastic and I loved doing sun salutations while watching the sun come up over the jungle. The spa was beyond amazing - the mandi treatment is a must-do!
It was wonderful to see the cultural side of Bali, too, with the rituals and activities. The staffs are friendly and ready to assist with your every need and I was not expecting to be quite so well fed!!
I really loved doing yoga as the sun came up over the volcano - that was just beautiful. Iyan has a great positive energy; it makes him a great teacher and someone to enjoy a laugh with over the retreat period.
I thought the opening and particularly the closing rituals were very touching and appropriate. The whole week was thoughtful and there was a lovely attention to detail. Thank you for making it so special!"

Tamsin Bradshaw

"I tried to think of a highlight but there were just too many to choose from. The purification ritual was incredible, the spa treatments were heavenly. The yoga overlooking the volcano at sunrise was awe inspiring and even just sitting on my balcony watching the farmers work the rice fields was really special - especially on the day of Silence.
But some of the real magic of the retreat was in the little touches, the incense on the balcony, flowers by our yoga mats and under the massage table, the view from the yoga pavilion and being brought ginger tea all the time - my new favourite! As a complete yoga beginner I was a bit nervous about the classes but Iyan was such a good teacher he managed to work with all levels. With his awesome help I felt I made progress in just five days.
The only problem is I want to sit in a bath full of petals sipping ginger tea every day now!"

Jemma Ward

"For me this retreat was the perfect combination of yoga - good healthy food - serene environment - relaxation and cultural experience.
From one operator to the next - you guys run a tight ship. Iyan has exactly the right attributes to be a yoga teacher, humour and humility combined. Claude the perfect host and mind for logistics and detail!"

Janine Anketell/Varden

"Having never been on a yoga retreat before, I had no expectations, only to open my mind to something different, a new experience that would have a direct influence on my life should I choose that direction.
The blending of yoga, culture, spiritualism, activity and spa treatments helped to merge the senses and give a full meaning to what yoga really means.
At the beginning, in the yoga hall, a sense of déjavu perhaps indicated that doing this retreat was what I needed in my life to help establish what is important in life.
I hope that the lessons learnt here wil pass through me and to my safari clients in the African bush, a place where there is a similar spiritualism and calmness. Nameste.

James Varden

One of the most amazing experiences of my life. A fantastic balance between yoga practice in great settings. Experiencing Bali life/cultural.
The spa treatment were superb also. A very well thought out program with great facilities and people.

Melanie Baker

It's so true that when you're open more, you'll enjoy much more. It works to me from here. I trust in person who know what they are doing and admiring the action of offering only the best. Both Iyan and Claude are this people in my life. I experienced their hospitality and their determine minds in generating stuff. They enjoy and love to do before they are here in Ubud. Just believe in them then I came again for the retreat. Well, I don't know how they knew what I should want before myself realize! Everything is all well thought ahead, smooth as coconut oil!
I practise yoga for about 6-7 years continuously, but never get such a self elation (fulfilling) like practicing here for 6 days. It's intimate and it's at the right place. I can not be better than today, it is personal touch. Everything all get attention and Iyan helps me to get to know the body in and out, such a wonderful energy that our group produce and share together. At the end of the beautiful day, I did lots of first time like head stand and learn so much about Bali things there conversation during the retreat. Everyday has its own superb time. I can't love enough of the feeling that we all salute the sun in the morning in front of the volcano! I don't think any day in my life will home this scene to renewal eyes and mind. Beyond that they tailor made any piece of details carefully and tentatively.. I can't thank enough and wish all my beloved friends could come and join.

Korakot Nym Punlopruksa

"FANTASTIC! I came to the 'escape the world' retreat not only to relax and rejuvenate but also to experience Bali in ways I have never done before on gthe many times I've been here. Never before had I participated in a Balinese cleansing ceremony (and I think few Westerners have!) or made the scenic route from Gunung Batur to Ubud. These experiences and the passion for Bali shown by Claude and Iyan made this a very special and unique trip.

I also have developed a new found love for yoga (thanks to Iyan's patience, good humour, teaching ability and ability to cater for a variety of different standards), which I plan to continue when I get home .... although I don't really want to leave!! Thanks Claude, Iyan and the team!

Rachel Peterson

"This is my second 'escape the world' experience. It has been such a pleasure to return to Bali and to completely relax under guidance of Iyan, Claude and the Zen Bali team.
It will be sad to leave, but no doubt I shall return! Thank you Claude and Iyan for a truly unique and beautiful experience.
With love"

Ros Peterson

"As an inexperienced Yoga student I felt I was catered for v very well. Our teacher went to great lengths to ensure that I was comfortable and did not require me to over extend myself - he was very conscious of my well being.
My spa treatments were exceptional, beautiful surroundings, very capable therapist, and delightful products: a pleasure to be part of.
The rituals were quite amazing, very moving and will have a lasting memory for me.
All the extra activities were more than I expected. Everything was very well orchestrated with attention to detail, obviously well thought out. The surroundings are a pleasure to be part of so very beautiful and serene."

Verity Davis

"If you need to 'stop the world and get off' or even get away from yourself then take the chance and come to this retreat. Amidst the meditation, yoga, silence and treatments you will learn to relax, let go and face what comes up in a beautiful, peaceful environment. It's only for one week, come and discover for yourself what it's like - you won't regret it."

Tanya Crawthorne

"For me the Escape the World retreat has been a life changing experience. From the moment of my arrival to the time of departure the friendly staff have been welcoming and attentive and always with a greeting and warm smile.
The accommodations and facilities are superb, the program interesting and relaxed with a good dose of local culture thrown in.
The spa treatments were first class and truly professional.
But the friendships and spiritual togetherness shared by all was truly the highlight.
Claude, Iyan and the team have presented a world class facility in a most beautiful country. The love and memories I take from here will stay with me forever.
Thanking you with all my heart."


"The 'Escape the World' retreat was the best choice I could have ever made. Being a single 35 year old woman, I was very hesitant to travel alone from the US to Bali. I am so glad I did! It's a life changing experience."

Bengy Cid

"Thank you for a wonderful, spiritual and thought proud ling experience - the yoga proved to be energising! The service was extremely good and activities were very interesting; would love to return!

Louise Frendin

"It was truly an escape from everything!"

Amy Chen

"The day I arrived I thought I was about to experience a week of yoga, healthy (i.e. boring) food and lots of time on my own to relax. I was really looking forward to it - and desperately in need of a break from the stress of my busy life!
The week commenced with an emotional, life altering experience with the purification ceremony, and then filled with yoga, life lessons, delicious spa experiences, tears, taughter, spiritual awakening, course-altering decisions, and the bliss of connecting to my old self. No a all what I had expected - instead it was so so much morel I am already planning my return visit - I've found my heaven on earth."


"Escape the World - can only be described as a feast for the senses as well as the soul. I wasn't sure what to expect on this journey, but it was much more than I expected in many ways. Spa treatments were pure indulgence, food was unique and great quality and activities were enhanced by beautiful natural surroundings. For anyone looking to better understand yourself and have a wonderful time alone the way, this retreat is for you.
Thank you for a wonderful time"

Jennifer de Kluijver-Burge

"This was a wonderful journey for me. Every day was a different experience allowing me time to reflect on my life to date. The visit to the temple although forcing me to move out of my comfort zone was an opportunity to bring out the concerns I had.
The wonderful spa treatments have been unlike any massages I have received in the past. The little girls were very sensitive and focused and I felt refreshed and recharged with energy after each visit. The program is well balanced and catered for all my interests (loved the bike ride).
As my sister had passed away only 3 weeks ago the retreat was well needed as I was tired, stressed and very emotional. I am now going home with renewed energy empowered to create for myself a life which is balanced and more meaningful to me. The yoga meditation together with the peace and tranquility of this place has enabled me to do this.
Many thanks Iyan and Claude - I will visit again"

Joan Phillips

"A fabulous way to truly escape the world' in an idealic setting with gracious and supportive hosts to ensure you have the best possible experience."

Rita Marigliani

"This retreat has exceeded my expectations. It was a wonderful way to experience Bali! A perfect mix of yoga, meditation, seeing the sights of Bali and participating in local ceremonies. The team and the servie all great and the food divine!"

Patricia Lawlor

"The retreat for me centred around healing and well-being after surgery. The medicos had done their job and the physical, meditative, social and cultural elements f the program combined to offer me what I needed for complete healing to take place. Added to all this was the unconditional care and attention offered by Claude, Iyan, spa and kitchen staff. My expectations were fulfilled and I c ame away feeling enlightened and healthy."

Elizabeth Dufty

"Considering I thought this would be way out of my comfort zone having never tried yoga or meditation I was thrilled with my experience. The surroundings were stunning, my room was a haven, the pool was my sanctuary (especially on silence day), my treatments were divine, the food was great, the yoga was challenging yet fun and the meditation gave me a different feeling each time. The visit to Tirta Empul was quite emotional and humbling to be able to share the sacred springs and be blessed by the Mangku. I absolutely loved the day of silence and it was even more special to me as it was my birthday. I felt so spoilt at dinner time when I received a rose, candle and note - not to mention the cake the next day. There is so much magic and wonder in this place that it was easy to be silent and just embrace the surroundings. Seeing the sunrise at Gunung Batur while doing yoga was incredible and the bike ride and villages was again so lovely. Everyone is so beautiful and friendly. The afternoon rain each day was so relaxing and the noises all around just made me realise how lucky I am to be part of this universe. For me Escape The World was really Welcome to the World and what a wonderful world it is. Made even more special by our lovely hosts Iyan (with his gentle and soothing voice through yoga and meditation and his laugh) and Claude too and all the wonderful staff. Not to mention everyone in my group who will always bring a smile to my face and laughter and happiness in m heart. I will be back one day for sure."

Cathy Stewart

"I came to the retreat with no real expectations. I had a fantastic time. The yoga courses given by Iyan were excellent, thorough and most pleasurable.
The views over the lush wildlife were amazing, the courtesy of the staff excellent, always willing to help and go that extra mile. After 6 days spent at the retreat I feel rejuvenated; learnt quite a lot about myself during the silence day.
Overall it was a brilliant experience to be renewed soon."


This retreat has challenged me in ways I had not expected but has been more rewarding as a result. So many highlights .... sunrise yoga overlooking the volcano, silent day, stunning location. I feel very lucky to have been part of this retreat and share it with such a good and diverse group of people!
Thanks especially to Iyan for his endless patience,encouragement and support. I have learned so much in your yoga classes and feel inspired by you to continue on this journey and see where it takes me next.
Best of luck to you all for the future. And thank you.


"Also for someone without yoga and spa experience, this is a great retreat to escape daily life. The group is diverse and you all free to attend activities. Great because 4 hour of yoga and meditation a day is too much for me. I'd recommend the trip to the volcano and the 22km downwhill mountainbike tour! Great accommodation with a spectacular view over the rice fields. Had a great time!"

Niels Bleeker

"I really enjoyed the spa retreat, a lot of attention for service, good food, great ambiance!!"

Wendy Ravensbergen

"The yoga was amazing! Even though most of us were inexperienced we were encouraged, extended and enriched by the explanations.
The sequence of first having the rituals explained, and then later performing them, was excellent - the rituals themselves were a valuable addition to the yoga and meditation.
We were fortunate to have a very sociable mixed group (4 men/4 women) and humour was superb. It almost became a laughter yoga session.
Service was good, but laundry service was too slow (3 days for the 2nd lot).

Roger White
Timor Leste

"A yoga retreat like as this should be 'compulsory' in our busy day-to-day lives. Coming to Kumara Sakti makes you reflect on life, the yoga routine calms and relax your body, meditation calms your mind, the well balanced food sooth your tastebuds and the beautiful private terrace is a temple for your soul - I could sit forever and just gaze out to the rice fields and listen to nature and realise that nothing matters apart from that moment.
Thank you!"

Helene Croneman

"Well organised and thoughtfully planned week of yoga and activities - that leaves you feeling fitter, more relaxed and that you have made some new friends.
The early activities fostered the development of a team spirit. We bonded as a group pretty well.
This really is an all inclusive selfcontained package there is no need to look for anything outside. The activities are particularly well chosen and we managed to work around the (rainy season) weather.
The bike ride was a high spot despite the weather!
Thank you."


"I came to Zen Bali 'Escape the World' and true to its word, I felt I have done just that for 6 days. Not just escaped the world but entered another one where the surroundings, exposure to local culture, and fellow travellers' tales have made the world a happy and joyful place to be this week. The program is fantastic not only because it delivers what it promises but because it delivers more - small touches of kindness, consideration and genuine interest make it a truly worthwhile experience. I would recommend it to any one who is open to embracing all it has to offer. Iyan's smile is infectious and uplifting; the staff at Kumara and Botanica are delightful and Claude is efficient and genuinely concerned that everyone gets what they expected from the retreat. Thoroughly enjoyed it."

Jacky Croke

A quiet, beautiful setting, a lovely peaceful room, delightful staff mentored and guided by an enthusiastic warm leader. Energizing massages, fine food, a group of diverse people from around the globe. A wonderful yoga teacher who radiates positively and peace and inspires one to look after one self totally. Put all this together and one can really ”escape”

Eugene Wallensky

"Iyan is a very experience teacher and a beautiful person. Yoga exercise was very various and could be a total surprise, like with the handstand against the wall. Chair exercise, if your body is sore…yoga is fun! The purification ritual and the offering made a big impression on me. I found it special and I am very thankful that I had the opportunity to experience the BALI rituals.
Spa treatments were really for body and mind, I loved it!!

I had a great YOGA retreat! Thank You"

Omie Foe

"I expected nothing and I got it all."


"It really is escaping the world; spoiling your five senses in 6 beautiful days where everything is being taken cared of, and the small details are the icing on the cake. I think everyone came with its own stories, battles and struggles, and by being treated this suburb way, we are ready to go back, to live the world in an enriched way.

Thank you so much!"


"A beautiful way to truly escape everyday life and indulge yourself."

Gwen Mark

"I didn’t know what to expect when I first arrived and I think in retrospect that was a good thing, have an open mind and open heart. This was a very nurturing experience in many ways. The food, the company, service, activities and of course the” young spirit” of Iyan’s teaching in yoga and meditation.
The other treat was to have experience the beauty of the Balinese culture and people and I will definitely be coming back with friends to do this all again.
And of course what a hook to have discovered how good Balinese champagne + white wine is! Now that was worth the cur fare alone! And this is coming from a connoisseur of Barossa Valley + McLaren vale wines in south OZ! Cheers!"

Kate Smith

"This retreat offers the ultimate and truly fulfilling yoga experience!"

Tanja Huber

"The retreat was fantastic! The yoga was good, excellent teacher. The spa was nice, refreshing and wonderful. The rituals where very special. I feel very special that it’s allowed to pray in a Balinese temple as a traveler! My room and the rest of the hotel are beautiful. Big, the view is wonderful. Now, I would like to see more of Bali.

The people working here have spoiled me, thank you very very very much for that. I have had a wonderful week, I have learned a lot about myself and I feel reborn. Thank you so much! Next year, I’ll take my best friend with me!"

Monique Slabberkoorn

"Having already read many testimonials on your website upon deciding to come to the retreat, I know, I will be repeating what those before me have written. But when you hear the something from lots of different people, it usually means there’s more than a little bit of truth of it. I have to say the best part of the retreat is service. Iyan’s service us as an instructor, mentor, and guide through all the amazing rituals of Bali. Meditation, and yoga and Claude’s accommodating way of catering to each and every need you may have from retrieving lost luggage to arranging the next part of your vacation in Bali are what really stand out to me. People and service can make or break any experience, and I can’t imagine any better people or service than what we received from Zen Bali, Kumara Sakti, Iyan, Claude and the Bali Botanica Spa staff.
Terima kasih"

Susannah Jones

"A little haven tucked a way in the peace and quiet of the rice fields outside of Ubud. The yoga classes were great, challenging and fun. Activities were well spaced and extremely well organized while still being very relaxed. The silence day is a great idea, time to look inside before bonding through activities with the others members of the group. The spa setting is heavenly, the ayurveda treatment sheer bliss. I will be back for more…….."

Martina Mollering

"Un vrai cadeau que l’on trouve rarement le temps de s’offrir !"

Sylvie Lincourt

The ambience, especially the sound of the water, the lush garden, the river, and the vista of the rice fields, was perfect.
It provided peace and harmony with high energy. Iyan was the perfect host - considerate, energetic, fun loving, a bit mischievous, and very attentive. His dedication to each one of us getting the most of our retreat, and yoga classes allowed me to feel comfortable, strong and empowered.
The staff was always smiling and helpful, even when there was a difficulty. There were always smiles and kindness.
The offering and cremation ceremonies were so special - touching our hearts, connecting our spirits. Many, many ohms. Hari ohm tatsat.


I’ve decided to come to Bali because of the Escape the World retreat.
I researched the program and found that it would be perfect for me since I have never been abroad alone. The program is so perfect that I can’t wait for my friends to be free to come with me. I now feel confident and comfortable to travel alone to Bali.
After four days of the retreat, I still enjoyed everything - the yoga and meditation are blended perfectly. I could do many yoga poses that I could not have done before. Also I learn that some poses could adjust my body. The idea of doing the sun salutation at a volcano is marvelous.
I have learned that I can do many things that I’ve never done before like downhill bicycle riding and painting. The best part is that I could travel alone and enjoy meeting new people. All I can say that this was an enlightenment for myself. Thank you so much.

Pitchaya Charoenpakdi

The cleansing on the second night is perfect timing. Iyan is a wonderful teacher and a gracious host. The attitude of staff at Kumara is very positive and they are very eager to please.
I liked the talk about culture and rituals on the first night very much too.

Mandy Seel

The Escape the World experience was a true treat! I came here open minded and am full of emotion and thankful. The service is extremely gentle and considerate. Everything has been thought of, up to every tiny detail.
And that gives you a lot of space and room to do what you actually come for: to Escape the World. Or rather: Embrace the World.


Overall the retreat was good. The yoga was thorough and well conducted. The spa treatments were the highlight - pure luxury and the therapists were excellent.
The activities were also good. My favorite was the purification ritual - excellent! While the rooms and food weren’t as top quality as I expected. It was still a week of luxury, pampering and relaxation.

Steve Offner

This escape is a real treat I loved it!


I really did Escape the World for a few days. Gently we were moved into our own mind, by Iyan and the yoga and meditation and his beautiful voice and by the lovely hands at the spa treatments. It was all very relaxing and I hope healing! Thanks a lot!

Nell Van Craaikamp

Iyan is a wonderful energy to be around. His “Happy Buddha” smile and laugh are infectious! It was a beautiful setting and Ubud is a great place to experience Balinese culture. The spa treatments were amazing.
I loved the rituals of a day of silence and the releasing of negative thoughts. It was the healing of mind, body & soul.

Lisa Levine

I enjoyed the retreat, very much overall. It had been carefully planed and I appreciated very much the small things like the flower on yoga mat and taxi service when needed.
The staff was very helpful and friendly – loved them!

Yvonne Cheng

I really was able to escape my busy world back home. No computer, email, phone calls, etc. decisions to make, etc.
This made me come back more to myself and I left all time schedules behind. Together with the Balinese rituals it was a wonderful and magical experience.


I loved it! From the moment I arrived I felt at home. Such a beautiful place with such lovely people. The treatments were divine. The yoga was (to my surprise) something I really liked and that I will miss doing on a daily basis. It was good not to have to think about what to do, where to eat or to go and to leave it in the capable hands of others.
Although I traveled alone I never felt alone this week not even on the silence day. I think that is so special that there were always lovely people (or animals - frogs, lizards or butterflies) around. They kept me company if I wanted.
Thank you for a lovely week that I will cherish.

Ditte Hillegeheken

This was an incredible escape and the perfect start to one travels. I’m feeling refreshed, renewed and have more self-knowledge. Iyan’s teaching is always spirited and I leave refreshed inside from the yoga and Bali.


The Escape the World retreat was one of the best experiences of my life. The yoga teacher, Iyan, was just fantastic. We all loved him and we learned so much from him, including yoga techniques, breathing, meditation, and spirituality. Just as enjoyable were all of the excursions we participated in. The 16 mile bike ride was exhilarating. The sunrise yoga class at the volcano was a once in a life time experience.
I loved the walks trough the villages which gave us a view of how Balinese people live their daily lives.
The staff was also the best hotel staff I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing, and the massages in the spa were also incredible. I would like to come again soon.

Dede Lum

This retreat really exceeded my expectations. The yoga was great, the spa was great, the food was great, the staff were great, and the activities were great!! I think the retreat was a very good value for the cost, and all of the services were top notch.
Iyan was a fantastic teacher. He help me meditate for the first time and help me to improve my yoga postures. He also had a very good sense of when to push us and when to give us breaks. All of this combined with his wonderful personality make him a first rate instructor. The spa services were also a great way to relax and the spa employees were all lovely. The staff at Kumara Sakti was also extremely friendly and attentive. They made everything so comfortable and made the retreat a really wonderful, unforgettable experience.

Erin Lum

Escape the world is truly a wonderful experience. The set up and location of the retreat are beautiful. The retreat is very complete - the level of yoga classes fits beginners to advance students, and unlike most yoga retreat it includes meditation classes. There is an excellent selection of treatments, cycling and walking activities that gave us the opportunity to experience Balinese life at a very leisurely pace. The management and staff are efficient, warm and very friendly. This was excellent value.
It is obvious to me that management and the teacher are in this because it’s their passion. That’s really wonderful.

Monica Gonzales

A complete experience, mind, body and soul - from reconnecting with your self to experiencing some of the most intimate of Balinese traditions. It was a world away from the Bali of Kuta. Having lived and worked in the city for the past few years Escape the World really helped me to remember who I am, my aims, goals and desires. I’m back on the path I desire.
Thank you

Ceri Smith

The experience was great – from sitting on the terrace in front of your room at night to hearing the river and all the sounds of nature, getting in touch with the beautiful culture of Bali, the purification ritual, the fantastic relaxing massages, the silent day, the 100% service, and the beautiful nature and the great food. And of course there was the yoga and meditation sessions - they were sometimes hard, sometimes relaxed, sometimes great fun and always satisfying. I feel so much more relaxed and flexible after this retreat. For me it was not escaping the world, but feeling as one with the world.
It’s clear that this retreat was set up by two guys with dream and a great passion to fulfill it. Just look at there faces and there’s only one option; smile back and feel happy.

Jan Willem Ten Haegen

Escape the World is the perfect name for this retreat. The location is beautiful, the staff and spa fantastic and daily yoga and other activities combined to make a well balanced totally enjoyable “escape.”
I look forward to returning often to repeat this wonderful experience.

Karla White,
( Sumbawa, Indonesia)

The Escape the World retreat allowed me to do just that….escape the world (having no mobile reception also helped!). I found the retreat a perfect balance of fitness (yoga, food activities), spiritual (meditation, purification ritual, silence day) and cultural (activities, information). Not to mention the relaxing beauty treatments that encompassed all the benefits of the retreat. A truly holistic experience that allowed me to nurture my self, my soul, my needs.
Friendly, presentable, professional, helpful and attentive staff. Yoga that supported encouraged and developed strength and skills and was fun! Beautiful surroundings, gorgeous accommodation and attention to detail. Amazing and plentiful food. Awesome spa treatments. Fantastic activities. Thank you so much for a truly unique, balancing experience!

Shani Johansson.

Thank you for providing a sanctuary of peace and quiet in which to reconnect with my physical and emotional being. The day of silence was a revelation, having the luxury of time to think and contemplate. Iyan’s yoga is a wonderful balance of physical exertion and fun. He is an extremely competent and caring teacher whose words of wisdom. I will take back home with me.

Carol Lucas

The week was set up brilliantly with a great balance of yoga and spa treatments and activities. It was a spiritual, physical and emotional experience I will treasure for ever. Sharing it with Mum was very very special - thank you Claude, Iyan and everyone for creating Escape the World, until next time! NAMASTE.

Ruth Tilstone

I came not knowing what to expect but looking forward to having a special time out with my daughter who lives in Australia - I’m in Scotland. This experience was so special in many different ways. Claude, Iyan and without exception all the team are very special people. Thank you so much. Iyan for meeting my ‘special needs’ at the yoga sessions expertly (next time I mean to surprise you!!!).
I met interesting lovely people in our group. I leave ready to ‘face the world’ again. Love to you all.

Angela Tilstone


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